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Urology Consultants is the proud and accomplished practice of E. Jake Jacobo, M.D. and Steven K. Brooks, M.D.,. Together we have a combined experience of over 65 years of uninterrupted practice of urology. We remain loyal to the principles of a patient and doctor practice. We still believe that when you, THE patient, makes an appointment to see one of us, it is your purpose, to see the doctor!! In other words, we still practice the fading tradition of medicine in which the patient's encounter is face to face with the doctor.

As a result of our relentless desire to "Exceed your expectations", we are more often than not asked to evaluate and review complex urological issue. One such area is prostate cancer dilemma and whether one should consider "active surveillance" vs. "watchful waiting". Truly believing that "not all cancers of the prostate" need the same level of aggressive management and concern, we have the research data to prove it and to share with you.

We were pioneers in the vaginal mesh procedures for reconstruction of pelvic floor prolapse and from time to time deal with removing mesh from the vagina in which migration and reaction has taken place. Complex situations such as this one, is just an example of what our experience brings to you the patient. A no non-sense approach to find sensible solutions aimed to improve your overall health and quality of life is paramount to the principle foundations of our practice.

Urology is a hybrid specialty, a lot of the procedures we do are in our offices or minimally invasive surgery facilities. Frequently one or two visits are sufficient to achieve the desired results.

This is just one example of what you can expect from your encounter.

Please help us expedite your first visit. Gather all necessary medical records, lab results, x ray's, biopsy results, etc. to bring with you. For your convenience we have posted downloadable forms on our website for you to complete before your visit. Although our motto is "we treat patients NOT lab results or X rays" we would like to have as much information as possible at the time of your visit so that we can facilitate a treatment or surveillance plan and eliminate unnecessary multiple visits with resulting additional co-pays.

We are here to serve you, you will sense even through the phone a pleasant smile from our capable receptionists to accommodate your first or subsequent visit and make it a pleasant and professional experience. Although calling a Doctor is not one of your favorite calls, we do ask a few more questions at the time of your first phone call. This is to help us and you file the paper work and if needed obtain the necessary authorizations from your insurance carriers or primary care physician. This simplifies the process for future appointments, saving everyone time.