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Elias "Jake" Jacobo, MD
Elias "Jake" Jacobo, MD

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Steven K. Brooks, MD

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Urology Consultants is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions in our Orlando, Florida area office locations: Longwood and Winter Park. Our office locations are convenient to the entire Orlando, Florida area and surrounding communities in central Florida. Patient care has changed during the last few years and more drastic changes are coming soon. Alliances of many doctors with hospitals and major medical centers-sometimes not so beneficial for the "one on one" care of the patient, on many instances the urologist looses control of the billing since now billing and financial decisions are a comprehensive part of the institution that bought his practice.

We are proud to remain an independent private urology practice where compassionate, efficient and state of the art care will exceed your expectations. Our practice is comprised by Dr. E. Jake Jacobo, MD and Dr. Steven K. Brooks, MD. Both Doctors are Urologists-Diplomates by the American Urological Association who still believe that the one-to-one approach to each patient is the most effective way to learn about each individual patient needs by listening carefully and attentively and interacting directly with the patient. We do not believe in the "assembly line" type of medicine where you are seen by several non-physicians from the practice and the last five minutes of your visit the doctor "sticks his head in" to say- "I agree with everything they are doing"!! We firmly believe that if you come to our office to see "the doctor" you will "see the doctor" for the vast majority of your office visit.

What do we expect from you the patient?

The majority of our patients come from other practices however, some are savvy patients that are self referred. Gathering of medical records is an important responsibility that should be carried out by every patient or his/hers designated caregiver. It will help us understand your needs and medical condition better if you hand-carry your records at the time of your initial visit. As we, as a society move towards more complex requirements by insurance carriers and the government we ask that you download from this website the initial patient visit forms, print them and fill them out and bring them to our office for your first visit so you will not have to spend 40-45 minutes in the lobby area filling them out with a clipboard. These forms contain important questions that we are asking in order to help you better. It is important for us to know the medicines you are currently taking so we can prescribe for you accurately and without conflicts between one drug and another one---many times the names of these medicines can only be accurately completed into our form as you look at your prescription bottles or containers and write them down. Again this task is best achieved at the comfort of your home.

With 25 years at our locations and over 65 combined years of urology practice experience, we strive to resolve your medical condition as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. We do not order tests unless we need them and when we need to do so we give you the option of several imaging centers and labs in the event you need to check their prices and possible cost to you-especially if you have a co-pay or are in a health savings account probram. Again, this huge advantage is possible by not being affiliated or employees to any hospital where the practicing physicians are expected to refer everything to the "mother ship" and very little room for negotiation exists. The same holds true for interventional or minor surgery procedures. We perform many procedures at our main offices to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. From time to time surgical centers and hospital facilities are needed for your care; our ample latitude in selecting a facility that is convenient to you both by distance and expenses is usually possible due to our independent status. We are on the active staff of all major hospitals in the area, therefore in the event that hospital care is necessary, we your urologists will be there for you and at the forefront of whatever urological needs you may require.

The economic headwinds in healthcare are not easy to understand by many caregivers. Moreover some providers do not need to understand them since they are on a payroll. As independent providers we learn and live what it cost for this or that day by day and will work with you to the best of our ability to make your experience a pleasant one. We participate with almost every insurance program, we accept almost all the major credit cards and a few years ago we enrolled with the Florida Barter program. Yes, we have bartered before and can only do it for our services.

A urologist is a physician who has been trained to treat disorders of the male and female urinary tract (bladder, ureter, kidney, and urethra) and the male reproductive system. These are some of the conditions that a urologist treats:

For more information about E. Jake Jacobo, MD, FACS, and Steven K. Brooks, MD, please see our Physicians page.




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